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ME!!!!! (of corse) Empty ME!!!!! (of corse)

Post  Kitty Catty on Sun 14 Oct 2007, 11:06

Hey yall

I'm Caitie, or Catty and I like making stuff up...

I'm very imaginative and a great drawer who likes watching the Simpsons...

...And I like cats too...don't forget...the...cats


Oh! and I keep on posting random pictures of stuff

Just click the http:// thing

And I play Club Penguin too.... Cool

Sooo... yeah. That's it...yeah...

If my life was a TV episode, I would bump into the screen so many times it would break and I would see a couch, sat on it and watch me keep on wrecking the screen, so I would change the channel and watch Homer, then he would've seen me watching him watching me. Then he would've broken the screen and thus, wrecking the fabric of space and time, ripping to shreads time itself. What's the point of living if all you ever knew is made up, just some TV episode...

I wonder what's on TV right now
Kitty Catty
Kitty Catty

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