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Post  Nicholas on Sun 07 Oct 2007, 01:09

A lock picking skill!

The following can be used for anything. e.g. a door

You can also implement a system so you can only lock pick when you have a lock pick. The lock pick could fail after a number of times using it.

Create a new event on your map by double clicking when on the event tab.

Click on the bubble "action button"

Double click on the blank area inside the event and a list of buttons will come up.
Click on the one that says "Show Text".

Type in "Would you like to attempt to pick the lock?"

Now underneath the text process double click.
Now select "Show Choices". When the box comes up just click ok.

Under the "yes" option double click and click on "control variables".

Under that create a new variable by clicking on the top box and typing in the name of the variable. Call it "Random Number" for now.

Now tell it to set the variable to a random number between 1 and 100 and click ok.

Underneath that, put in a "Conditional Branch" process. Set it to check if the variable you made is above 50. Click ok.

Now between where it says "Conditional Branch" etc. and "Else", Put a text process saying "You picked the lock!" and then underneath that put a transfer player process to another map.

Now between where it says "else" and "branch end", put a text process saying "Lock pick failed".

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